Well for one, we’ve had plenty of feedback on the new look of our front building.

Here’s the story (click the link) of what happened on December 15th. (I’m sorry we’re so late in posting it to the site. You understand we’ve been busy.)  It has been on our Facebook page for a while.

Drive-thru service? Not today.
Drive-thru service? Not today.
Our new front! Thank you to Stele Building and Portage Mutual Insurance.

There are a few times that have opened up for private lessons in guitar, fiddle, piano and drums so if someone you know is still looking for a way to start or improve your playing… give us a shout!

Mark your calendars for the Spring Concert: Saturday June 10th!

If you haven’t received your tax receipt for the Children’s Arts Tax Credit, please send us a quick email or call us and we’ll get it to you as soon as we can!

With the change in seasons, we also get a few schedule changes due to new sporting and other activity schedules. If you need to change lesson times, please talk with your teacher and get all the changes set out in writing.

Also a reminder that if you need to cancel your lessons for the year, our policy is 30 days’ notice to Portage Conservatory with lesson fees paid up until then. Whether or not those lessons are attended is up to you.